Temperature control

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Temperature control is key to good Dutch oven cooking. Temperature is controlled by the number for charcoal briquettes you put on the lid and the bottom of the oven. I suggest buying a good Dutch oven cookbook for camping. First of all, there is the rule of three you take the diameter of the oven says 12 in. For the bottom, you would subtract 3 from 12 which gives you 9 so you use 9 briquettes for the bottom and for the lid add three which gives you 15 briquettes that you put on the top of the lid. Usually, this is a temperature of about 325 to 350 degrees. To simmer in a dutch oven all you need to do is reduce the number of briquettes that you place on the bottom and don’t use any for the top. When it comes to recipes we find any recipe will work just fine.
Using a dutch oven on a campfire takes a lot of practice to get your temperatures and time right. I very seldom cook over the open fire with a dutch oven.