4004452 Reliance Tri-to-Go Portable Toilet/Camping Chair



Brand: Reliance Products

Color: Green


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  • Great craftmanship
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Details: This gorgeous Reliance tri-to-go portable toilet/camping chair has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Reliance tri-to-go portable toilet/camping chair is truly remarkable. Product details: • condition: brand new • item SKU: ss-sms-4004452 • information: the Reliance tri-to-go can be strapped to a backpack, or slung over your shoulder for easy transport. Also great when emergencies strike and facilities are unavailable. It has a seated weight capacity of 300 lbs, and can be collapsed down for easy storage. The tri-to-go is a comfortable camping chair that quickly and easily can Convert into a portable toilet. The unit comes with a hygienic washable sock that is used when in it’s toilet format. It has an integrated toilet paper holder, and a washable carry case. The tri-to-go is ideally suited to be used with the Reliance double doodie bagging system. Using the Reliance double doodie bags when Nature calls also means no mess, easy cleanup, and disposal of waste. Includes a free sample double doodie bag.