Bessport Camping Sleeping Pad Extra Thickness -75x23 Inches, Lightweight, Inflatable, Compact, Waterproof Self Inflating Sleeping Mat for Backpacking Adults, Traveling and Hiking



  •  Sleeping pad has an R-value of 6.5, which makes it can keep warm in cool weather; it provides moderate insulation from ground temperature. Thanks to upgraded texture design, makes it suitable for people to use, helping people sleep well with more support for better balancing.
  • Sleeping pad is made of 30D stretch-knit fabric with coated TPU, and this makes it oft and extremely durable, against tear, wear-resistant, super sturdy and extremely comfortable. Great for any sleep position
  • Equipped ABS quick flow valve/deflating free-flow valve; 2.5 inch thickness when fully inflated with inflatable pillow; For increased firmness, pad can be manually inflated by blowing into the valve. Close valve to maintain firmness.
  •  Cotton like skin-friendly stretch-knit fabric surface, better soft sleeping experience than polyester material. Non-PVC materials eliminates plastic odors and plastic crinkle noises and customizable firmness, and make a more peaceful night sleep